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▷ 液体

▷ 大面积的水面或小面积的水面

▷ 破碎的浪花

▷ 飞溅和泡沫

▷ 高度的创意控制,同时保留真实的液体运动

▷ 气体

▷ 火

▷ 烟

▷ 爆炸


▷ 将仿真用图形的方式来表达:Naiad Graph

▷ 使用界面说明以构建Naiad Graph:Naiad Interface

▷ 在Naiad Graph中,插件API允许用户编写自定义的节点

▷ 遵循Naiad Interface规范的软件能够运行由Naiad Graph所描述的仿真

▷通过使用3D GUI前端,开源软件允许艺术家交互式的构建Naiad Graph

▷ 标准的文件格式用来存储Naiad的仿真结果,即所谓的EMP格式


Naiad 时间步图(The Naiad Time-Step Graph)

Naiad 时间步图是该框架的核心:它允许艺术家去表达在每一个仿真的时间步上都发生了什么。

Naiad Graph中的每一个节点被称作Naiad Operator。有两种Ops:BodyOps和FieldOps。BodyOps被用来创建、发展或终止仿真;FieldOps主要用来执行速度、密度、压力等合成工作。

The Naiad Interface

为了产生Naiad graph,我们需要一种方式去制作它。为了能够制作它,我们需要一种语言去描述它。这就是Naiad Interface存在的目的:用来描述Naiad graph,且运行在后台。

Naiad Interface有两种变体:

▷ Naiad Interface文件(.ni)——一个文本文件,其中包含了构建Naiad graph的命令。

▷ Naiad Interface(Ni)API——与.ni构建的命令相同,但封装了C API。Naiad Interface API比.ni文件更加的强大。

Exotic Matter released the latest, and last version of its signature fluid simulation tool, Naiad 0.6.1.(43) - the final Naiad release. All Naiad development stops.

What makes Naiad different is that Naiad empowers small VFX companies (and even freelancers) to produce 3D fluid simulation animations that previously only large facilities with powerful in-house tools could attempt. How is this possible? Because Exotic Matter was founded by the people who used to write those powerful in-house fluid tools.

Naiad 0.6.1 Release Notes: this

About Exotic Matter

Exotic Matter is a software company developing state-of-the-art dynamics software for visual effects and 3D animation. Founded in 2008 by industry veterans Marcus Nordenstam and Robert Bridson, the company develops and sells the Naiad software product: a 3D fluid solver and dynamics framework.

Naiad is being used by a growing list of prestigious 3D animation and VFX studios worldwide, including Weta Digital, Framestore, Digital Domain, Rhythm & Hues, Dr. D Studios, Pixomondo, BaseFX, Prime Focus, and others.

Despite being a relatively new product, Naiad has already been used to produce the fluid animations in an impressive list of major motion-pictures including Avatar, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Pirates of the Carribbean 4, Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Gulliver's Travels, X-Men: First Class, Final Destination 5, and others.


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