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本插件是由digitalanarchy机构出品的PS皮肤美容磨皮插件V3.0版,Digital Anarchy Beauty Box Photo 3.0 for Adobe Photoshop x86/x64,大小:28.9 MB,格式:exe crack,语言:英语。。

Beauty Box是一款全新的专业级Adobe Photoshop皮肤美容磨皮插件。可以轻松去除皮肤上的皱褶和斑点。一秒钟让你年轻十岁。

Digital Anarchy Beauty Box Photo 3.0 for Adobe Photoshop x86/x64

Beauty Box Photo is a new kind of digital skin retouching tool. The Adobe Photoshop plugin allows you to quickly and easily erase skin blemishes and even out skin tones – achieving a consistently professional result. Beauty Box Photo uses advanced skin smoothing techniques that enhance the work of photographers at all levels.

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• Automatic mask. Button 'Auto-Mask' automatically creates the basic mask;

• 'Smart' smoothing skin. Adjusting skin smoothing effects with three regulators;

• Batch processing. Allows you to set the mask and smoothing automatically for batch processing hundreds of images;

• Management of the mask. Allows you to change the mask, using advanced tools (although in general it is not necessary!)

• Sharpen the details. Use the knobs to adjust the preservation of such important details like hair, eyelashes and jewelry;

• Adding texture. Restores the skin's texture, as a porous structure, which can be lost because of the smoothing;

• Ultra-fast processing. Beauty Box uses GPUs and nVidia CUDA technology to increase productivity.


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