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本插件是由x-particle机构出品的C4D粒子插件V2版,X-Particles v2 For Cinema 4D Win/Mac,大小:31 MB,支持Cinema 4D R13-R14版软件,支持Win与MacOSX系统,语言:英语。

X-Particles v2 For Cinema 4D Win/Mac

Fixed for win 8 64 and added r13 compatibility

X-Particles is a blazingly fast, full-featured particle system. In version 2, it has a brand-new core with no practical limit on particle counts. It retains its object-based control system so can be used without needing any knowledge of Xpresso…

Is packed with VMProtect, maybe some AntiVirus program will sound alarm,

but is clean… if you don’t trust me don’t use it.


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