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本插件是由PixelFilmStudios机构出品的PROPLAY快捷图形文字特效FCPX插件,Pixel Film Studios PROPLAY Plugin for Final Cut Pro X,大小:501 MB,格式:pkg,支持软件:Final Cut Pro X,语言:英语。

Pixel Film Studios PROPLAY Plugin for Final Cut Pro X

Professional Scrap Book Effects

Enjoy scrapbooking? Take your audience into the scene with PROPLAY™ from Pixel Film Studios™. With this collection of over 90 whimsical curtain, letter and shape effects, you can add some fun to your next title sequence or scene transitions in Final Cut Pro X. Simple place the PROPLAY™ effects on top of your footage or below text to create playful looks.

Set the Stage

Bring your audience into a lighthearted, amusing world full of bouncing paper cutouts and jumping text. With PROPLAY™ from Pixel Film Studios™, you can create your very own live action scrap book right inside Final Cut Pro X.

With over 90 effects and 20 customizable textures, playtime will never be over!

Curtains for You!

No, not like that... with PROPLAY™ you have over 20 different curtain and drop down effects to choose from. And with the easy to use controls, you can quickly customize your curtain by choosing the color for each individual shape. PROPLAY™'s curtain generators are a great way to reveal text, open a scene, or create a fun transition.

Create Your Own Cutouts

With the DIY PROPLAY Plugin, you can create your very own paper cutout shapes. Simply place a shape image into the drop box of the DIY Plugin and choose your color, texture and movement. Just like that, you have a fun and playful paper cutout!

Designed for Final Cut Pro X


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