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本软件是由RandomControl出品的RhinoLIVE实时渲染软件V2.4.4版,RandomControl RhinoLIVE v2.4.4 Win32 Win64,大小:52 MB,支持Win32与64位系统,支持Rhinoceros 3D 5.0软件,语言:英语。

RandomControl RhinoLIVE v2.4.4 Win32 Win64

The power of Arion inside Rhinoceros 3D

RHINO LIVE is a fully integrated version of Arion right into McNeel’s Rhinoceros 3D 5.0. All the power of physically-based, unbiased and GPU accelerated rendering at your fingertips from your native Rhinoceros 3D environment.

RHINO LIVE tears down the obstacles that were common to previous unbiased renderers in terms of workflow. It brings the opportunity to work naturally and comfortably inside Rhinoceros 3D, and get the most cutting-edge quality and performance without changing your workflow a single bit.

RHINO LIVE is really fast and takes advantages of all the compatible hardware inside your computer.

With RHINO LIVE it is not necessary to export the scene data to a file or a stand-alone renderer, or to go back to the host app to make changes. RHINO LIVE is fully integrated in Rhinoceros 3D and renders just like the native Rhinoceros engine, with a tremendously better speed and quality. Just by hitting the render button, RHINO LIVE will turn the scene into a physically-based digital photography.

The RandomControl LIVE plug-in supports Rhinoceros 3D 5.0 32 and 64bit.


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