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本插件是由alienskin机构出品的Alien Skin Exposure模拟胶片效果调色PS滤镜插件V7.1.0.189版,Alien Skin Exposure Revision 27345 WIN,大小:210 MB,支持Photoshop软件,语言:英语。

Alien Skin Exposure v5是国外非常专业的Photoshop胶片调色滤镜软件,使用Alien Skin Exposure v5能够迅速将照片调出各种胶片效果,如电影胶片、宝丽来胶片效果、波拉潘胶片效果、富士胶片效果、柯达胶片效果等等,多达25类,数百种胶片效果。

更重要的是安装Alien Skin Exposure v5后,打开你需要处理的照片,预览胶片效果,即可立马生成你需要的效果,非常简单。当然如果你希望动手调色调亮暗,Alien Skin Exposure v5的自定义参数功能也是非常强大的。

Alien Skin Exposure Revision 27345 WIN

Our careful research lets you reproduce the subtle nuances that make analog photography beautiful. With Exposure, your photo will look like it was made by a human, not a computer.

Exposure helps you visually explore carefully designed looks, reducing the need to fiddle with techy controls. The redesigned user interface in Exposure 6 reduces distraction and provides new ways to quickly find your style. There is a much wider range of textures and new controls to subtly combine them. Exposure works everywhere you do, now with Aperture support and as a stand-alone application that provides easy batch processing.


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