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本软件是由primatte公司出品的绿屏蓝屏抠像软件V5版,Imagica Primatte V5 OFX WIN,大小:6 MB,支持Win系统,语言:英语。


插件应用平台为 AE、Sony vegas、Fusion、Nuke、avid DS等支持OFX的软件。OFX是Open FX的简称,是一种开放的,由The Foundry创建并发展的一种插件格式。目前PC平台常见的支持OFX的合成软件有NUKE,FUION,TOXIK,SCRATCH等。 安装一款OFX格式的插件后,上面的几个软件在启动时就能自动搜索到OFX插件并自动加载;前提是,安装OFX插件的时候,最好采用默认的安装路径,否则,支持OFX的合成软件可能不能自动找到OFX插件.

Imagica Primatte V5 OFX WIN

Primatte is a technology that is used to extract a single color background from a foreground image or clip and create a transparency matte that allows the user to put the extracted foreground object onto a different background. This is a process known as ‘chromakeying.’ It is commonly used in the motion picture and television industries to composite different elements photographed at different times and under different conditions and put them together into a single scene. Primatte is an Academy Award-nominated technology that has been used in hundreds of major motion pictures requiring special effects over the last 16 years including such films as “The Lord of the Rings”. It has also become popular in the world of professional photography for sports and school photo sessions.


资源名称: 绿屏蓝屏抠像软件V5版

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