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本音效库是由Sounds To Sample机构出品的重击科技音效合辑,Deep Percussive Tech,大小:360MB,格式:WAV,包含91道完整的鼓声。。

Deep Percussive Tech

Sounds To Sample

340+MB of deep, percussive afterhours-edged techno loaded with driving, organi-tech drum loops and one-shots, moody music loops and bin-busting basslines built for the underground.

Deep Percussive Tech serves up 91 fully-loaded drum workouts, with many offered with between 2-4 variants (including top-only, stripped, kick-free and full) giving you the ability to build and break down arrangements with consummate ease.

Build your own pumping rhythms with 85 finely-honed powerful kicks, crisp hats and claps, cutting snares and rich percussion hits, all of which seamlessly merge live and synthetic sonics.

Load up the 32 music loops (some with variant mixes) for instant song-starting inspiration: menacing and mind-bending synth-led hooks primed to drop into the mix or to chop, re-arrange, mangle and modulate for twisted techno leads.

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资源名称: 重击科技音效合辑

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