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本软件是由chaoticafractals机构出品的Glare Technologies Chaotica Studio华丽炫光生成软件V1.5.2版,Glare Technologies Chaotica Studio v1.5.2 WIN,大小:14 MB,支持Win系统,语言:英语。

Glare Technologies Chaotica Studio v1.5.2 WIN

What is Chaotica?

Chaotica is a next-generation fractal art application, designed for both novices and professional artists.

Novice users can enjoy editing randomised fractals to easily produce gorgeous, customised desktop wallpapers, perfect for HD displays.

Professional users will particularly value the fast, modern rendering engine. Print-sized images are easily produced, and real-time imaging controls dramatically accelerate your workflow.


资源名称: Glare Technologies Chaotica Studio华丽炫光生成软件V1.5.2版

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