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本软件是关于Franzis摄影师HDR精细后期编辑软件V5.52.02653版,大小:50 MB,支持Win系统,语言:英语。

Franzis HDR Projects是一款图片后期编辑软件,Franzis HDR Projects拥有丰富的滤镜插件,可以让我们普通的照片转换为美美的艺术照片,让你的照片更为动人。

Franzis HDR Projects Pro是HDR专家专业最好的工具。HDR进入轮三个项目。最初于2012年推出,HDR项目采取了HDR照片一个全新的水平。智能色彩适应(SCA),一个独特的和全新的发展项目,决定一个个体,每一步计算智能色彩空间。这种能力使增强原色的生动,更精细和更独特的色彩层次。


HDR projects 5

Ultra-realistic Images in the 5th Generation

HDR projects 5 is directed at photographers not content with everyday photography and who those want to distance themselves from the mainstream. HDR projects 5 reduces the amount of time on set and provides new and innovative possibilities for transforming your photographs into brilliant works of art—all this while choosing from an intelligently adaptive tool-set part of an efficient and transparent workflow. The fully equipped Professional-Toolbox from HDR projects 5 provides access to a collection of finely adjusted Presets on the left and a variety of Expert Filters on the right. Arrange your favorite tools however you’d like, now in 4K resolution.

Optimal image quality: clean HDR photos free of noise

Endless creativity: 103 Image recommendations now with HDR montages

Easy Operation: Standalone, Filter Plug-in, 4K Interface, GPS

NEW: Bracketing-Images with up to 55 single images

For Windows and Mac


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