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本软件是关于FireFly Cinema FirePlay Live色彩分级软件V6.1.26 Mac版,大小:190 MB,支持Mac系统,语言:英文。

With FirePlay Live you can see your decisions on a professional monitoring setup. Send your color grading settings to an external LUT Box and watch a real-time preview on a calibrated monitor. Use FirePlay Live to see live grading previews and export your CDLs and LUTs for use in post.Don’t wait for the studio, make it liveFirePlay Live provides on-set live color grading previewFirePlay Live is supporting a wide range of devices – from LUT box such as FSI BoxIO, Teradek’s COLR and COLR Duo, Fuji IS-mini, TCube VT3 Fig, Offhollywood OMOD, as well as cameras and monitors such as the Panasonic Varicam, the FSI DM monitors or the Canon DP-V series. See the complete list here.A Tangent Devices control panel such as the Ripple, the Wave or the Elements can control FirePlay Live.For capturing still frame from HD-SDI live signals a Blackmagic Design device is supported.演示视频:


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