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本插件是由Rizom Lab机构出品的Rizom Lab RizomUV Virtual Spaces三维模型展UV软件V2018.0.100版,大小:60 MB,支持Win64位系统,语言:英语。

Rizom Lab RizomUV 一款三维模型展UV软件。

Rizom Lab RizomUV是目前CG软件中比较优秀的展UV软件,凭借其爆破性快速UV展开功能而闻名。

Rizom Lab RizomUV是全球使用的UV贴图展开软件,隶属于Unfold3D公司。


RizomUV Real Space 产生的UV贴图,无需三角形翻转,而且没有重叠,即使是由十万个多边形制成的iso边。


为了改进Unfold3D与工作室管道或内部工作流程的集成,可以通过脚本文件监视功能,自定义Lua脚本,Unfold3D直观、快速、可扩展,它用最小的行动给予高质量UV,许多3A级游戏工作室和自由职业者目前正在使用Unfold 3D 让工作更加有效率。


Virtual Spaces虚拟空间具有为在游戏,VR,VFX,动画,摄影测量或静止图像中工作的艺术家设计的功能。

Real Spaces具有Virtual Spaces版本的所有功能,为使用CAD数据的用户添加了工具。

-What’s New:-– New: UI colors and viewport colors are now customizable (see the preference dialog)– New: Scripting, island selection and visibility flags are now exposed (Read only)– Fix: Activation dialog now has a scrollbar when display are smallSince 2004, Unfold3D legacy has taken its place in major VFX studios, AAA games companies and animation studios all over the world thanks to its famous unfold feature and its intuitive UI.RizomUV Virtual Spaces takes back all this background and comes with major improvements.RizomUV did his reputation with its blasting fast Unfold feature. It generates UV maps without triangles flips and without overlaps, even for islands made by hundred of thousand polygons. If symmetry is enabled, and if your model is symmetric, the generated seam network will also be.AUTOMATICALLY CUT AND SEGMENT DIFFERENT KINDS OF MESHESNEW PACKAGING ALGORITHM WHICH HIGHLY UTILIZES UV SPACE ON A WHOLE NEW LEVEL, AT BLISTERING SPEED视频预览:


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