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本软件是由3DFlow机构出品的3DFlow 3DF Zephyr照片自动三维化软件V3.002版,大小:230 MB,支持64位系统,语言:英语。

3DF Zephyr Pro允许您从照片图片自动重建三维模型场景。


3DF Zephyr是建立在我们专有的,前沿的,重建技术之上。

3DF Zephyr Pro拥有一个用户友好的界面,并可以输出许多常见的3D格式,甚至无需外部工具的需要产生无损视频。

3DF Zephyr Pro是从现实建模的完美工具。

视频预览:3DF Zephyr Pro allows you to automatically reconstruct 3D models from photos. The process is completely automatic and no coded targets, manual editing or special equipments are needed. 3DF Zephyr is built on top of our proprietary, cutting-edge, reconstruction technology. 3DF Zephyr Pro comes with a user friendly interface, and the possibility to export in many common 3D formats or even to generate lossless video without the need of external tools. 3DF Zephyr Pro is the perfect tool for modeling from reality.– Faster processing – the full pipeline has been improved a lot, and processing times have been improved significantly during the Structure from Motion, Multiview Stereo and Meshing phases – all of this with even an improved accuracy.– Improved tools – many small fixes and improvements have been integrated with this update, which includes better selection tools, better gizmo, a quick project wizard and much more are awaiting you in the user friendly interface you all know and love!– FlowEngine C++ SDK – the new version of our C++ SDK, FlowEngine, is now available for both Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux platform (100% compatible with the vfx platform). Did you know there is also a Free SDK edition, limited to 50 photos, which is the perfect companion to our 3DF Zephyr Free edition?– Camera calibration manager – often on the go? Use this handy tool to pre-download camera calibrations from our server by simply uploading a JPG and store it offline for later use.– Preset manager – you can now easily share and download presets directly from Zephyr in a user friendly. Simply insert the preset ID and let zephyr download it from our server.– Quad support for OBJ and FBX formats – you can now feed zephyr quads when re-importing a mesh for re-texturing.


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