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本视频教程是关于Affinity Designer矢量图形设计初学者入门训练视频教程,时长:2小时30分,大小:1.7 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:,作者:Affinity Designer矢量图形设计初学者入门训练视频教程,共8章节,语言:英语。

Affinity Designer是一款专业的设计绘图工具,适用于苹果操作系统,主要用于矢量图形的绘制,适用于图标、UI 设计、网站设计、宣传素材等图像的制作,具有较强的易用性,操作也十分方便。

Affinity Designer Mac版充分利用了OS X技术如OpenGL,Grand Central Dispatch,是的核心图形完全优化和兼容64位多核处理器,从硬件性能上利用到了极致。


Affinity Designer Mac版体验最好的PSD处理工具,很它容易与其他有创意的专业人员合作。


Affinity Designer is the new, affordable Mac App that can replace your expensive Adobe Creative Suite.What you’ll learnManipulate ImagesWork with Vector GraphicsDesign LogosDesign IconsCreate Graphic IllustrationsRender Images For All Media TypesRequirementsYou’ll need a copy of Affinity DesignerSome Photoshop and Illustrator experience is helpful, but not requiredDescriptionWhile Adobe Creative Suite is still the industry standard in the creative world, it’s sky high subscription fees are far beyond the budgets of most aspiring designers. Luckily, Affinity Designer is quickly rising up the ranks to provide some serious competition. Much more affordable than its predecessor and equally as versatile, there has never been a better time to get to grips with this innovative new program.Learn Affinity Designer by ExamplesMaster the tools and user interface of Affinity DesignGain an understanding of the overall process of designing graphicsBuild up a foundation of knowledge for using similar design programsUse real world examples to familiarise yourself with the softwareCourse OverviewIdeal for graphic designers, web designers and artists, this course includes 17 lectures and over 3 hours of content. Suited for both complete beginners or those who already have experience with similar software such as Adobe, the course will show you how the Affinity Designer user interface works through creating real world projects.You’ll learn how to use the various tools of Affinity Designer in a hands-on environment; and not just vector graphics – you’ll learn how to manipulate images, design logos and icons, create graphic illustrations, combine images, render images for all media types too, and finally export your work for the web, print, and app development.By learning Affinity Designer by example, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of not only the tools used within the program, but design principles and practices as a whole, which you can then apply to design projects on almost any other platform.About Affinity DesignerAffinity Designer is the fastest, most efficient and arguably the best vector graphic design software to come along in recent years. More affordable and more specialised than Adobe Creative Suite, it’s ideal for working on websites, UI design, concept art, illustrations and icons, and all kinds of graphics. Made by designers for designers, it’s packed full of intuitive features and was even bestowed the honour of an Apple Design award in 2015.Who this course is for:Graphic designersWeb designersArtists


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