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本教程是关于Illustrator初学者入门培训视频教程,时长:1小时30分,大小:560 MB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Illustrator CS6,作者:Wilskill Technologies,共19章节,语言:英语。

Adobe Illustrator是一种应用于出版、多媒体和在线图像的工业标准矢量插画的软件,作为一款非常好的图片处理工具,Adobe Illustrator广泛应用于印刷出版、专业插画、多媒体图像处理和互联网页面的制作等,也可以为线稿提供较高的精度和控制,适合生产任何小型设计到大型的复杂项目。

Illustrator CC 2018一对一基础技能训练视频教程:Illustrator CC 2018一对一高级技能训练视频教程:Illustrator CC 2018一对一专家技能训练视频教程:Illustrator CS6 for beginners and no previous Illustrator experience required. In this Illustrator training course, you will learn everything you need to know about using Illustrator and all the tools available. Plus, I’ll show you the same time saving techniques I use for a fast and productive workflow.The course starts of with the basic foundations and proceeds to more advanced tools. A course worksheet is included. Use to follow along with and practice what you learn. Stuck? No problem, I’m available for continued discussions relating to the course material. Throughout the course, I encourage students to practice what they learn and post their work in the discussion area for any type of feedbackOnce you’ve completed this comprehensive course on Adobe Illustrator CS6, you’ll be comfortable with the tools, how to apply them and have the skill set for a fast and productive workflow.What you’ll learnTo Understand How to work with ILLUSTRATOR from Scratch onwardsTo Understand How to work with All Tools in ILLUSTRATOR in detailAre there any course requirements or prerequisites?Basic knowledge on using ComputersShould Have Adobe Illustrator Software in Your PCWho this course is for:Any one who want to start the Career in Graphic DesignAny One who want to become a Professional in Designing AreaIllustrator CC 2018一对一基础技能训练视频教程:Illustrator CC 2018一对一高级技能训练视频教程:Illustrator CC 2018一对一专家技能训练视频教程:


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