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Substance Painter是最新的次时代游戏贴图绘制工具,具有一些非常新奇的功能,比如粒子笔刷,可以模拟自然粒子下落,粒子的轨迹形成纹理。

Allegorithmic Substance Painter是一个全新3D纹理绘画程序与以前从未见过的功能和改善工作流程,使纹理创建 3D 资产比以往更容易。

它被公认的最崭新和简便易用的 3D 画家在那里。

Substance Painter 中文字幕教程:Substance Designer 中文字幕教程:Have you ever tried to learn texturing with Substance Painter? All for you to end up pulling your hair out your scalp? Because no matter what you do, you just can’t figure it out? Don’t be alarmed. This happens to plenty of students. The problem is, most courses makes things more complicated than it needs to be, except the Advanced Substance Painter Course.In fact, there has never been a more clear yet detailed course - that will walk you through the whole process and make the most complex tasks seem like child’s play. It waste no time showing you how to create AAA ready game assets.The best part is, this course gives you easy to follow steps that can be completed by beginners, and the skills to use Substance Painter that will meet today’s industry standards.That’s not all, the course isn’t as expensive as most college classes. But you do get 33 lectures (worth a college curriculum), in only 4-hours of content. So you can start creating your own 3D models, in as little as a day!The course contains:Little known techniques (to make your hard edges and textures look right) for a more natural, real-life looking weapon.Hidden secrets and skills shortcutting the workflow to create 3D models fast and easy.The time is now! To buy a course (cheaper than most college classes) that saves you from unnecessary tasks while making realistic 3D models.If you’re left unsatisfied after taking our course, let us know within 30 days of the course start day and we’ll refund all of your money. But you must Enroll Now. This course is for a limited time only, to the ones who ACT NOW.Substance Painter 中文字幕教程:Substance Designer 中文字幕教程:


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