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本软件是关于Architect 3D Garden and Exterior花园庭院设计软件V20版,大小:2.1 GB,支持Win位系统,语言:英语。

3D Architect Garden Exterior 20 offers a comprehensive set of tools to plan, design and visualize your landscape and outdoor living spaces. The possibilities are endless: put different plants in your flower beds, create the ideal air full kitchen, add a deck or barbecue!Define the shape of your landscape using the QuickStart pieces drag and drop, or from a photo of your home. Design your landscape with gardens to drag and drop, or create a custom landscape through the extensive library of plants. Decorate your exterior with thousands of combinations of paint, coatings, bricks, stucco and more. Design your space in the smallest details: the place of outdoor furniture, outdoor kitchens, ponds and pavilions.Use our tutorials for a quick start! The tool tips and training guide helps you through your project and give you practical tips to carry it out.


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