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本软件是关于Aurora HDR 2019专业图像后期处理软件V1.0.0.2549版,大小:200 MB,支持Win64位系统,语言:英语。

Aurora HDR是一款专业的图像后期处理软件,新版本集成了最为齐备的HDR处理工具和编辑能力,全新的UI设计,还新增全新镜头校正工具等,并且大幅提升软件的处理速度和合成速度。

Skylum公司曾建立了一个名为“Skylum AI”的人工智能实验室,而现在我们终于能看到第一款使用该实验室最新研发成果的产品了。

今天,Skylum正式发布了其最新版本的图像处理软件Aurora HDR 2019。

新款软件的最大卖点是搭载了AI驱动的Quantum HDR处理引擎,能够提供AI色调映射技术,从而对你的照片进行分析已取得更好的合成效果。

为了保证合成图片的观感自然,Skylum表示曾使用成千上万张照片对Quantum HDR进行测试。

除此之外,Aurora HDR 2019还新增了用于增强画面细节的“Smart Structure”技术、一个全新的LUT映射工具,以及更多由专业摄影师参与开发的照片预设。

Mac版:视频预览:New Aurora HDR 2019 – Amplify Your Images with State-of-the-Art HDR. Perfect Every Detail with Powerful New Technology. 3 years in development, Aurora HDR 19’s patent-pending Quantum HDR Engine automatically analyzes millions of pixels, and intelligently builds stunning photos.Flawless HDR — InstantlyNo halos. No ghosting. No artifacts. No chromatic aberration.Revolutionary tone mapping with Quantum HDR EngineInstantly merge bracketed images into perfectly balanced HDR. Details have never been sharper. Images have never been cleaner. Seeing is believing.No brackets? No Problem!Unlock unprecedented detail and expanded dynamic range from single photos. Architecture and nature photographers rejoice.What’s Been ImprovedWe have managed to minimize the major issues with the HDR merge. Now, you get amazing images that look as natural as they did when you pressed the shutter.Seeing is believing. Let’s take the photo below as an example.• The colors have become more realistic if we consider highlights.• The chromatic aberration has been reduced.Natural or Creative HDREasily create beautiful, natural HDR, or take it to the limit. New, more powerful Aurora HDR ’19 lets you achieve your unique creative vision.Mac版:


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