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本软件是关于BluffTitler三维标题动画制作软件V14.1.2.2版,大小:40 MB,支持Win64位系统,语言:英语。



视频预览:What's new:Changes since version 14.0:10 updated translations: Suomi, Francais, Turkce, Magyar, Tamil, Arabic, Svenska, Chinese(Simplified), Italiano and ArabicOptimization: loading big models is a lot fasterWater layer is now double sidedCharacters property of EPS layer is now 2D. The 2nd slider controls the number of lines.1 new property in the particle layer: Min distanceOption to use fog colour as background colour in FILE > Set background colour... dialogPixel media: new textures, new shows and a new modelShow duration is no longer rounded off to whole seconds. You can now, for example, enter 2.5 in the FILE > Set show duration... dialog6 new effects: Special/NormalMapper, Special/Octopus, Special/ClipAdditive, Special/JigsawPuzzle3D, Picture/ExtrudePicture & Filters/JigsawPuzzle1 old effect converted: V11_ReflectiveWater_CubemapDDS1 new option: Max texture resolution Learn moreRedesigned effect thumbnailsBugfix: Pre-export simulation time now works with particles attached to a picture layerBugfix: mirror, colourmap and cubemap layers can now be saved as a preset


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