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本软件是关于Dibac CAD建筑师2D绘图软件V2019版,大小:80 MB,支持Win系统,语言:英语。

视频预览:Dibac cad is a 2D drawing standalone program with a large set of tools designed specifically for architects and interior designers.Draw floorplans fasterDibac CAD includes a set of very useful construction toolset that allows you draw 2D-floorplans up to 5 times fasterimensionsComplement the drawing speed with an efficient system of dimensions, measurements and joinery reportsirect links to objectsAdd a URL or hyperlinks to any object to open automatically any external file or a specific websiteDiscover the 2DMore featuresefine your joineriesYou can use any self-created door/window/wardrobe to work as a Joinery item in Dibac CAD.on’t get blockedAccess to over 1000 predefined blocks focused on architecture and interior design to save precious time and avoid tedious drawing tasksisplay presentationsUse layers and create layouts to export to other formats or printing


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