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本软件是由dxo机构出品的DxO FilmPack Elite模拟照片胶卷效果软件V5.5.17版,大小:240 MB,支持Win64位系统,语言:英文。

DxO FilmPack Expert(完美模拟照片胶卷效果)是法国DXO公司继大名鼎鼎的RAW冲洗软件DxO Optics Pro后推出的一个在数码影像上可以模拟胶卷的颜色、对比度、颗粒感等独特的软件. 这个DxO Film Pack软件,拥有7种正片胶卷颜色、9种单色照片胶卷颜色、5种负片胶卷颜色,通过这款软件可以呈现出21种不同胶卷颜色的数码影像。

并且,可以进行5 种调色,具有经过胶卷冲洗液处理的新奇功能。

DxO FilmPack, a major new version of DxO Labs’ popular analog film simulation and creative effects software, adds 65 even more aesthetically-pleasing renderings and stunning new effects to help photographers give their photos greater emotional impact as well as a unique style, whether in color or in black & white.With DxO FilmPack, photographers can apply to their digital photos all the characteristic color, contrast, and grain of analog films that made photographic history, along with many original looks, filters, tonings, and visual effects — all of which can be infinitely combined and customized.Faithfully-restored film qualityThanks to DxO Labs’ exclusive calibration technologies, DxO FilmPack offers a palette of faithfully-rendered analog film simulations with an unrivaled level of quality in the field.To accurately reconstitute the characteristics of such traditional films as Kodak Ektachrome, Fuji Superia, and Agfa APX, DxO Labs adopted a scientific approach based on taking photos with analog films, having those films developed at highly-reputable professional laboratories — PICTO in France and Duggal in the United States — and following a rigorous digitization process.This approach has resulted in the perfect restoration of the grain, color, contrast, and saturation of 60 legendary color and black & white films, with an authenticity that has been recognized by today’s greatest photographers.65 original renderings and effects to bring out photographers’ artistic senseDominant colors, blur, pinhole, vignetting, and grain: each new DxO FilmPack designer rendering is based on a careful calibration of grain intensity, contrast, and saturation of film, vignetting, and color filters to lend photos a unique atmosphere.A new range of texture, light leak, blur vignetting, and unusual frame effects (Expert edition) allows photographers to give their photos an aged look, to draw attention to a subject, or even to use original photo borders to highlight their images.Users can fully customize every film rendering and effect, offering countless possible combinations.


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