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本软件是关于FXhome Imerge Pro专业级照片合成编辑软件V1.2.0版,大小:24 GB,支持Win64位系统,语言:多语言。

FXhome Imerge Pro是一款用于保持图像数据RAW和图层自包含的照片编辑软件,创建具有无限层次和零烘焙更改的专业级合成。


每一次变化都是灵活的,无需隐藏和显示图层来比较不同的构图 - 每个图层可以为每个变体保存多个图像或文本项。

使用38个滤镜可以更快地合成编辑在几秒钟内想要更鲜艳的色彩或清晰的边缘细节?使用Imerge Pro滤镜效果可以放大图像质量并缩短编辑时间。

- 黑白- 漂白- 通道查看器- 色度键- 清晰度- 云- 颜色调整- 色差键- 颜色叠加- 曲线- 除雾- 定向模糊- 曝光- 高斯模糊- 颗粒- 内部发光- 反转- LUT- 表- 水平- 光线包裹- 线性渐变- 亮度键- 噪音- 外发光- 轮廓- 图案叠加- 像素化- 四线经线- 径向渐变- 去除颜色消光- 饱和度编辑器- 扫描线- 锐化- 去除溢出- 色调着色- 晕影- 白平衡- 变焦模糊Create pro-level composites with unlimited layers and zero baked-in changes. Imerge Pro is the first photo editing software to keep your image data RAW and your layers self-contained. Every edit is live. Every change is flexible. No need to hide and show layers to compare different compositions – each layer can hold multiple images or text items for every variation.Composite faster with 38 filtersWant more vibrant colors or crisp, clear edge detail in seconds? Scale up image quality and cut down editing time with Imerge Pro filter effects.– Black & white– Bleach bypass– Channel viewer– Chroma key– Clarity– Clouds– Color adjustment– Color difference key– Color overlay– Curves– Dehaze– Directional blur– Exposure– Gaussian blur– Grain– Inner glow– Invert– LUT (look-up table)– Levels– Light wrap– Linear gradient– Luminance key– Noise– Outer glow– Outline– Pattern overlay– Pixelate– Quad warp– Radial gradient– Remove color matting– Saturation editor– Scan lines– Sharpen– Spill removal– Tone coloring– Vignette– White balance– Zoom blur


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