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本软件是由sidefx机构出品的Houdini影视特效制作软件V16.5.268版,大小:870 MB,支持Win64位系统,语言:英语。

Houdini Master(电影特效魔术师)是Side Effects Software的旗舰级产品,是创建高级视觉效果的终极工具,因为它的横跨公司的整个产品线的能力,Houdini Master为那些想让电脑动画更加精彩的艺术家们空前的能力和工作效率。


Houdini 是一个特效方面非常强大的软件,主要面对的是电影工业的特效制作与合成。

与其他如3DS Max/After Effects等三维动画、特效合成软件不同的是,Houdini是一个节点软件,节点的操作具有非常强的逻辑性,同时它也是一个动态的建模软件,通过一个个节点和命令将各种对象组合在一起,在应对含有非常多的视觉元素的影视特效合成时通过节点的操作更加容易管理成千上万的视觉元素,而其它通过层来操作视觉元素的特效合成软件如After Effects在面对成千上万个视觉元素时显然是不现实的。

许多电影特效都是由它完成:指环王中“甘道夫”放的那些“魔法礼花”还有“水马”冲垮“戒灵”的场面......后天中的龙卷风的场面等等,a52的汽车广告.反正只要是涉及DD公司制作的好莱坞一线大片,几乎都会有Houdini参与和应用.H16.5 is not just an iteration on the features released in H16. It also includes a lot of tools we had prepared for H17 that are ready now – and this is how we like to operate: when the tools are ready, we don’t hold back – we release them.Film & TV FeaturesFor film, TV, advertising and motion graphics artists, the top new features and enhancements include:Narrow band fluids – ? memory usage and 3X speed (compared to full bandAir incompressibility – for accurate bubble behaviourOptical flow – use 2D or 3D sources to drive any type of Houdini simulationSimulated muscle and flesh – point deform & FEMCrowds with partial ragdolls and quadruped supportGrooming enhancements – flexible grooming, faster controls, and artist-friendly toolsGameDev & VR FeaturesFor game developers and artists, the top new features and enhancements include:PolyReduce – improved reduction algorithm, preserve quads, reduction based on texture maps, geometry silhouettes or any other attributesUV layout – insanely tight packingTerrain – smoothly transplant a feature from one height field into anotherRounded-edge rendering – generates beveled edge at render time, output to texture maps – rounded edge can also double as a mask for dirt maps演示视频:V16版新功能视频:


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