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本软件是关于Set A Light 3D Studio摄影棚布光软件V2.00.06版,大小:1.4 GB,支持Win64位系统,语言:多语言。

Set A Light 3D Studio是一款专业的3D摄影棚布光软件,如果你想学习摄影棚的灯光可以试试这款软件。

Set A Light 3D Studio提供了各种类型的3D模特,各种类型的灯光一应俱全,选择好布光后可以保存照片,各种灯光参数都会有显示。

视频预览:set.a.light 3D simulates a virtual photo studio with all the details and equipment you need for creating your preferable light settings. You’re finally able to experiment around try your ideas even before the shooting starts and without unnecessarily boring your model. Just do that comfortably at home!All of your equipment is packed into one single program.The intuitive user interface and all of the features are tailored to the needs of photographers and will revolutionize your everyday work.set.a.light 3D V2.0 – the dawn of a new eraEven more realistic, better light calculation new innovative features and a fully overhauled user interface. Plus more possibilities and flexibility, a greatly improved workflow and higher work efficiency.NEW! High-resolution and customizable modelsOne of the most important points in the development have been the models. The avatars look extremely real and harmonize perfectly with the new light calculation. Hait, make-up and clothing is changeable.NEW! Full flexibility with the new posing toolDefinitely one of the features users have been waiting for the most: From their individual fingers up to their head and down to the feet – everything about our models can be moved! Make sure to save the positions for later! Even their eyes will be able to face the light shaper or the camera with just one click!Realtime light simulation & real characteristicsFor its simulation, set.a.light 3D uses special real-light data developed by us, that emulate the radiation behavior through complex algorithms – in real time! That’s why you can transfer your setup into reality one by one.Flashes and speedlightsIn set.a.light 3D there are more than 50 hard and soft light shapers (softboxes, reflectors, beauty dish, ….) that can be used with or without a honeycomb grid ss etc. You can test your planned light setups and experiment around with the new settings. The output of all flashes can be regulated they may be used as a modelling light as well. Speedlights are available as well.NEW! Fantastic options with permanent lightWith the newly implemented shutter speed mixtures of permanent light and flash lught can be used. It didn’t matter earlier whether their options were in 1/125 or 0,5 seconds – nothing changed in the studio. With the shutter speed all of that makes a difference now!NEW! Discover gobos for exciting effects on the background or a dramatic lighting on the modelWith the new gobos users can create great light and background effects without having to change the location. Create own presets, import them and use them for your creative lighting.Trendy color screen foilsColor foils are a great supplement for turning setups into something more exciting. It’s possible to quickly create a nice morning sun, as well as to simulate a peaceful atmosphere in the middle of night. There’s a selection of over 30 foils of the popular manufacturer Lee that have been integrated into the software.A picture says more than a thousand wordsThe virtual camera simulates your results in real-time. Set the crop-factor, the format and the focal length. Decide, whether you want to use a zoom objective or not. Over 25 objectives are ready to get used. set.a.light 3D provides an incredibly detailed calculation, even with the depth of field. You can directly see over- or underexposure in the histogram.Simply better photography and documentation with the setplanThis one’s something for all of you but especially the ones that have own social media sites/pages or tend to show customers a lot of their work. All of your setups can be exported as a printable PDF or JPG. The plan includes everything you need to know to build up your setups on location. This leads to less moving around and more time with your model – a good base for great shots and successful shootings. Individualize the setplan exports by having your own logo on it or adding a title and notes!Further improvements:White balance & kelvin numbersFinally, color temperatures of the light sources are adjustable in kelvin. The white balance can be adjusted at the camera.3D content, interieurV2.0 will be even more extensive and comprehensive when it comes to interior. We added a big bunch of new furniture, reaching from sofas and chairs to tables and lots of other things. They’re not only more beautiful, but will help you to reconstruct your studio or living room etc. in detail.Menus – directly in the virtual studioSeveral changes can be made directly at the flash inside the studio now. Just one click away, in the revised settings panel, you can change the light shaper, add a honeycomb grid or swap a flash head. With this small but powerful feature we can further optimize your workflow.Edit make-upThe make-up doesn’t fit to the desired look? V2.0 has different make-up styles to choose from. The “glow” of the skin can be adjusted precisely as well.More freedom with styling and own textures


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