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本插件是由Filmlight机构出品的The Foundry CaraVR虚拟现实NUKE插件V2.1V1版,大小:220 MB,支持Nuke 9-10版本软件,支持Win,Mac与Linux系统,语言:英语。

英国软件开发商The Foundry近日发布了新的CARA VR工具集公测版,作为视频合成软件Nuke的插件使用,旨在提升Nuke下高质量360度视频内容的制作流程。

据The foundry介绍,Nuke参与了大多数好莱坞大型特效电影的制作,如《后天》、《极限特工》、《泰坦尼克号》、《真实的谎言》、《X战警》、《金刚》等。

CARA VR由四部分构成:缝合工具针对多个相机阵列的画面,可以计算出焦距和镜头扭曲,用独立于深度的包裹算法把多台相机拍摄的画面缝合成连续的360度视频。



交互式回放工作流,用户可以使用Oculus Rift头显直接在Nuke上通过时间轴预览回放视频。


此次Nuke的CARA VR插件发布,让全景视频的特效合成也变得更方便。

Virtual reality plug-in toolset for NUKECARA VR™—the much-anticipated new plug-in toolset for the NUKE® family of compositing, editorial and finishing products—helps you to create incredible live-action virtual reality content.With a specialised toolset that includes headset review, CARA VR dramatically speeds up the challenging and often tedious process of stitching and compositing 360° video footage, so you have more time to focus on creating high-quality immersive experiences.Why CARA VR?Seamless stitching of mono or stereo VR content – With an advanced stitching toolset based on stereo disparity technology from OCULA®, CARA VR offers presets for many popular camera rigs and is easily configured for custom rigs.Automatic stitch clean-up and correction – CARA VR automatically corrects for exposure and white balance differences between cameras, and stabilizes moving camera shots for a more comfortable viewing experience.Powerful streamlined VR compositing workflows – CARA VR makes it easy for artists to use NUKE’s full suite of compositing tools on 360° footage for clean-up, set extensions, 3D element insertion and more.Headset review inside NUKE – With CARA VR’s support for popular VR headsets, you can review directly from NUKE’s viewer or NUKE STUDIO’s timeline, eliminating the need to export to a separate application.视频预览:


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