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Twinmotion 是一款专为建筑需求而设计的工具集,它非常方便灵活,能够完全集成到你的工作工作流程中。






Abvent has unveiled Twinmotion 2019, the next update to its real-time visualisation tool, adding support for reflection probes, camera measurement and alignment tools, and the option to edit scenes in VR.What’s new in Twinmotion 2019:– Twinmotion 2019: new camera measurement and alignment tools, more lighting and rendering optionsNew features in Twinmotion 2019 include new camera measurement and camera alignment systems: the latter provides automated perspective correction,– Edit scenes interactively in virtual realitySupport for virtual reality, introduced in Twinmotion 2018 v2, has been extended from simply navigating existing scenes in VR to editing them interactively.– New stock content, plus updates to the live linking pluginsOutside the core application, there are over 800 new items in the content library, including materials, decals, flags, interior decorations and ‘construction assets’ – 3D models of construction workers and vehicles. The live link plugins for Revit and ArchiCAD have been updated and are now “up to 2x” faster, and there is a new Product Manager to manage installation of updates.About Twinmotion. Originally created by French arch viz studio KA-RA, Twinmotion is now developed in partnership with Artlantis creator Abvent. Intended as an easy way for architectural professionals to create photorealistic visualisations of buildings, the software imports models in a standard range of 3D file formats, including FBX, DWG and DAE. Users can create background environments from a library of stock models and textures, and assign lights. Atmospheric properties – including clouds, rain and snow, and ambient lighting based on geographical location and time of day – can be adjusted via slider-based controls. There are also brush-based systems for editing topography or adding animatiable vegetation to a scene, and a Bezier-based system for pathing animated crowds or traffic. The software also includes a basic camera editor and a set of standard post-process effects.About Abvent. Since 1985, the Abvent Group has offered innovative image and design solutions for CAD/BIM professionals in the fields of architecture, design, and photography. Abvent’s cutting edge approach to digital imagery has resulted in products and services that are innovative, powerful, and easy-to-use. Abvent develops Artlantis, a family of stand-alone 3D rendering applications developed especially for architects and designers; iVisit360 for Panoramas, iVisit360 VR Objects and animations; and Render[in], a powerful, fully-integrated rendering engine developed for SketchUp. Abvent also develops Twinmotion, a visualization and 3D immersion software developed for architects, designers, and engineers.演示视频:


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