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本软件是关于Twinmotion建筑虚拟软件V2019.0.13400版,大小:9.4 GB,支持Mac系统,语言:英语。

Twinmotion 是一款专为建筑需求而设计的工具集,它非常方便灵活,能够完全集成到你的工作工作流程中。






Twinmotion Win版:Twinmotion 2019 has been developed for architectural, construction, urban planning and landscaping professionals, regardless of the size and complexity of their project, their equipment, their computer skills or their modeler. Powered by award-winning Unreal Engine, Twinmotion 2019 boasts a highly intuitive interface, which makes it extremely easy to learn and navigate.VR explorationCompatible with VR (virtual reality) headsets HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Gear VR, Twinmotion 2019 allows you to explore your model in real-time, from the early design phase to the final project review.MediaTwinmotion 2019 is the only software on the market capable of producing in real-time not only stereoscopic images, panoramas and videos of the highest quality, but also 360° videos.BIMmotionBIMmotion is a self-executable (mono or stereoscopic) file that can be shared free of charge, which integrates the project you have imagined, allowing everyone to move in 3D, freely or according to a pre-defined path.iVisit360This online service allows you to directly upload the images, panoramas and videos calculated in Twinmotion to be shared, combined and organized in a project.Import all 3D modelsTwinmotion is compatible with virtually every 3D modeler on the market in FBX, SKP, C4D and OBJ formats. You can also merge several Twinmotion projects or other formats into one, and to enrich your projects, import images in DDS, PNG, PSD, JPG, TGA formats.and many More….演示视频:Twinmotion Win版:


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