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本软件是关于Unfold3d VSRS三维建模UV软件V2018.0.45版,大小:90 MB,支持Win64位系统,语言:英语。

UnFold3D VS&RS是一款多功能的3D建模软件,包含了Unfold3D RS和Unfold3D VS两个部分,新版本的UnFold3D增强了对fbx文件的支持,并且可以完美兼容ojb格式,使用该软件可以轻松对模型进行展开,进行三维设计等操作,可以大大地提高工程人员的工作效率,新版本仅适用于64位操作系统。




为了改进Unfold3D与工作室管道或内部工作流程的集成,可以通过脚本文件监视功能,自定义Lua脚本Already patch, just install.Unfold3D did his reputation with its blasting fast Unfold feature. It generates UV maps without triangles flips and without overlaps, even for islands made by hundred of thousand polygons.If symmetry is enabled, and if your model is symmetric, the generated seam network will also be.Unfold3D Virtual Spaces loads and saves OBJ and FBX files. Material’s polygons groups, smoothing’s polygons groups, and polygons groups, are loaded, exploited, and re-exported.To improve Unfold3D’s integrations into studio’s pipeline, or your in house workflow, custom Lua scripts can remote control Unfold3D from any other application, or even from a simple text editor, thanks to the script file monitoring feature. It is then so easy to add to your favorite 3D app, custom press buttons to load and save (even launch Autoseams, Unfold, Pack …) to exchange mesh data and automatize partly or fully your unwrapping jobs.演示视频:


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