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本软件是关于Virtual Vertex Muster渲染农场管理系统软件V9.0.7版,大小:50 MB,支持Win64位系统,语言:英语。

Virtual Vertex Muster是一个渲染农场管理系统,用于电影制作、游戏开发和视觉特效产业。





所有这些都是由Muster自动处理任务分配的!渲染在任何情况下都会继续!Virtual Vertex Muster 9是一套专门用于管理复杂和多平台渲染农场的应用程序。



渲染通常是3D动画和2D合成软件工作流程的最后一个阶段,是一项CPU密集型任务; 生成单个图像所需的时间可以从几分钟到几小时不等。




Muster 9 Mac是一套客户端/服务器应用程序套件,为生产的主管提供了正确的工具来管理由数百台或大量计算机制作的渲染农场。

Virtual Vertex Muster is a render farm management system for film production, game development, and the visual effects industry. Built on the top of state-of-the-art technologies coming from ten years of developing and stress testing all around the world, Muster maximizes your render farm and lets you delegate the resources monitoring to a complete automated environment. Made by dynamic fault tolerant services, it takes care of your farm by monitoring its usage, recovering from faults and even power off your racks when they are no longer needed.Muster lets you manage your render farm with no interruptions in the rendering process. Add more hosts, disconnect them from the farm, start the renders when no one is logged or even when a screen saver starts. This is all handled automatically by Muster assigning tasks on the fly! Your renders will continue under any circumstances!A few of Muster’s core features:Integrated image viewerIntegrated image viewer with OpenEXR support tightly integrated with our frames check technologyFrames slicingFrames slicing technology let you render a single image on multiple machines by splitting them in slices and automatically assemble them back at the end of the process * (available on render engines able to produce tiled rendering)Python basedExternal renders integration based on Python 3.3 as well as internal scripting and external API bindings available in multiple languages. Total integration with your custom pipeline needs!100% cross platformTotally cross platform using our paths translation technology that let you render the same scene across different operative systems and different mount pointsInnovative error handlingInnovative error checking that let you override default behaviors by using a visual error reporting tool with a detailed resume of the errors and warnings for each render processMulti version supportMulti version software support let you install multiple versions of your favorite render engine and use it seamless inside Muster by simply changing a dropdownDirectory services integrationIntegrated LDAP and Active Directory support to seamless integrate into your corporate databasesMultiple databasesRuns with an embedded database, using Mysql or SQL Server depending on your needsIntegrated web serverGorgeous integrated web server that let you access your data from a web browser as well as from your mobile devices


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