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本教程是关于PureRef艺术家参考图管理高效技巧视频教程,时长:26分,大小:100 MB,MP4高清视频格式,使用软件:PureRef,作者:Boxed Lunch,语言:英语。

PureRef 截图工具好多人在用,相信做模型时候有很多痛点,用过的自然体会得到,所以这给他家推荐个很好用的一个图片参考工具,非常简洁,打开只有一个深灰色操作板,可以打开很多个,也不吃内存特别适合做模型、刷zb时使用,3d制作时比PureRef、Setuna优势大得多支持放大缩小,旋转,翻转,透明,锁定,幽灵模式,有这个软件,建模的时候你会有种相见恨晚的感觉!!视频预览:file (3).pngfile (2).pngfile (1).pngfile.pngUsing PureRef: A Better Way to Work With ReferenceI always thought a better way must exist to work with reference but could never find it. Recently, I discovered PureRef and it has drastically improved my workflow. Better Yet! It’s FREE!In this 26-minute video, I show you everything you will need to know to start utilizing, sharing, and organizing your reference images within PureRef.I also go over:* Importing images from your computer and the web* Navigating PureRef* Manipulating reference images* Organizing your reference* Working with PureRef alongside other software* Saving and exportingI hope PureRef enhances your creative work the same way it has mine.


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