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本教程是关于GameMaker Studio 2游戏制作变成技术训练视频教程,2小时20分,大小:490 MB,附工程源文件,教程使用软件:GameMaker Studio 2,作者:Nathan Auckett,共23个章节,语言:英语。

YoYo Games宣布向开发者推出新版的GameMaker:Studio商业软件,使得这款最初在1999年发布的简单游戏开发工具老树发新芽。YoYo Games称 GameMaker:Studio整合了拖放界面,支持HTML5、Facebook、Android、iOS、Symbian、Windwos和OS X等平台,以向GameMaker社区开发者提供全新的功能与性能。这款工具之前只是在独立开发者和游戏教育者圈子里流行,不过,作为一个跨平台工具,在新改进后,有望能吸引更多的开发工作室。该公司希望能利用网络、社交和移动游戏的爆发,让开发能一次性地为游戏制作出多个流行平台版本,而不必让成本成倍的增长。YoYo Games估计这款软能让在移动平台上的游戏发行成本控制在1万美元以下,而开发一款社交游戏的成本则控制在5万美元以内。目前,这个工具的下载量超过了1000万次,开发者超过50万。在过去一个月里,这款软件经历了7000多次测试的严格考验,其中即有业余游戏开发者,也有专业的游戏开发者。


Dive into the spectacular world of programming in GameMaker Studio 2 using the Game Maker Language (GML).

About This Video

Get acquainted with the commonly used interfaces and aspects of GameMaker Studio 2

Learn how to use the basic Game Maker Language structures through small examples

Put your new skills to the test and program your first game using Game Maker Language in Game Maker Studio 2!

In Detail

GameMaker Studio 2 is a great game engine that can be used to publish games to a variety of platforms. It is one of the most versatile and novice-friendly game creation tools for professional and beginner game developers alike. It is used for the creation of cross-platform and multi-genre video genre video games using a scripting language known as GameMaker Language (GML). This video course will teach you how to program using GameMaker Studio 2’s native language, GML.

This course is split into seven sections, each dealing with multiple aspects of GML. The first section deals with the different types of variables available, then you’ll get to know about functions and statements in the second section. The third and fourth sections tell you more about loops and scripts. The other sections deal with creating base assets, player and enemy creation, and finally scoring in the game and exporting your game as a standalone executable so that anyone can play, even if they don’t have GameMaker.

You will not only learn how to program using GML, but will also become more familiar with how aspects of the game creation software come together to form the final product, providing an in-depth understanding of the software and its use.

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