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本插件是由pux-3d机构出品的Hardmesh Tools简化多边形建模Maya插件V1.0.31版,Hardmesh Tools v1.0.31 for Maya 2015-2016 Win,大小:19 MB,支持Maya 2015-2016版软件,支持Win系统,语言:英语。

Hardmesh Tools v1.0.31 for Maya 2015-2016 Win

Maya®’s boolean or “trim like” operations on hard

surface modelling represent a significant bottleneck in the workflow of

any professional modeller.

Hard Mesh solves this issue. It’s a plug-in based

on our script Hard Surface Poly Tools and its development was completed.

The tool simplifies complex polygonal modelling operations thanks to an

intuitive interface and nodes that make modelling more creative and




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