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本插件是由lightwavecinema机构出品的LightWave影视级调色AE与PS插件,LightWave Film LUT Pack MASTER & Skintone Luts,大小:160 MB,格式:Cube,Rtf,支持AE与PS软件,语言:英语。

LightWave Film LUT Pack MASTER & Skintone Luts

The Most Powerful Emulations of the World’s Greatest Film Stocks, all in one collection.

This isn’t just another 3D LUT Pack. It’s an advancement of the way we see LUT’s all together. The First ever set of Film Emulations that feature powerful highlight handling, dynamic color transforms, and incredible dynamic range enhancement. This about taking your footage to a new level of quality, color fidelity, and creativity.

21 of the world’s greatest Motion Picture Film Stocks

Proprietary LWS LOG space

Includes Legendary Kodak Eastman Color II 100T 5247

3D LUTs work in Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, and more

The World’s First Perfect Skin Tone Control System

Take absolute 100% control of your Skin Tone on any format, any footage, or any photo, in seconds. The first ever system to allow you to change your skin-tone anyway you like without affecting anything but skin tone in the scene in seconds.

Over 500,000 possible skin tones

Only affects Skin tone

Easy to use

Camera and Format Independent

3D LUTs work in Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, and more


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