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本插件是FCPX个性创意字幕标题简介插件 Pixel film studios Prointro vol.2,大小:9.64 MB, 支持Final Cut Pro X软件,支持Mac系统,语言:英语。

一个拥有30组设计独特的标题文字模板,专门为Final Cut Pro X用户设计。实现优雅平滑的动画效果。每个PROINTRO VOLUME 2预置可定制的滑块,复选框和颜色动作允许简单的口角。此外,屏幕上的控制给 Final Cut 用户完全控制设计、规模、位置和方向。

PROINTRO VOLUME 2 is a title pack with 30 uniquely designed titles made exclusively for Final Cut Pro X users. Achieve elegant looks featuring smooth animations. Each preset PROINTRO VOLUME 2 has customizable sliders, checkboxes, and color dabs that allow for easy altercations. Additionally, on-screen controls give Final Cut users complete control over the design, scale, position, and orientation.


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