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本插件是专业颜色分级处理调色FCPX插件Pixel Film Studios PROVOGUE MacOSX,大小:27.6 MB, 支持Final Cut Pro X软件,支持Mac系统,语言:英语。

大家在制作影片的时候,可能调色是一个重点,那么这里再分享一款 FCPX插件:专业颜色分级处理调色插件 Pixel Film Studios PROVOGUE强大的分级调色插件/二级调色/局部调色,拥有超过50种时尚新颖的电影级别调色预设,满足您不同影片的调色需求。

Achieve a smart and stylish look in your film project with PROVOGUE by Pixel Film Studios, []a collection of 50 professional pop color grading effects for FCPX. PROVOGUE can give your footage the luster and color of a professional fashion shoot. Simply drag and drop the plugin on to your footage and voilà! Your project is instantly glamorous.


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