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本软件是由marmoset机构出品的Edificius LAND室外景观绘制软件V9.00D Win版,大小:10 MB,支持Win系统,语言:英语。


With Edificius-LAND get professional results even if you’re not an expert about landscape design software. In no time you can produce detailed drawings of your garden or exterior spaces design completing them with animated video and renderings.

You even have Real Time Rendering integrated with the BIM model for a real-time assessment of the project and to create impressive presentations for your customers. Model the terrain, in a user-friendly environment, for outdoor spaces arrangement in an intuitive methodical approach, with professional 3D graphical results, just as a land survey software, together with all the relevant analytical earthworks data. Get topographic land survey data directly from Google Maps.

Also produce a detailed construction estimate of the project thanks to the integration with PriMus.


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