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本软件是由reallusion机构出品的MTI FILM CORTEX ENTERPRISE视觉特效软件V4.0.1-B12597版,大小:200 MB,支持Win64位系统,语言:英语。


CORTEX Enterprise is a complete workflow solution with tools for every step in post. Media is tracked and verified from initial offload all the way through pulls for VFX and assemblies, making every step along the way simple and secure. The core dailies features of Color, Sync, and background Transcoding are easy to learn and tuned for maximum efficiency on even the tightest schedules. The CORTEX Manifest ensures complete fidelity across workstations and locations.

CORTEX’s powerful and flexible transcoding engine can go beyond dailies to generate outputs for review, promo, VFX, and formats for delivery to multiple platforms. CORTEX Enterprise adds Dead Pixel Correction, IMF, DCP, AS-02, and Dolby Vision deliveries, and MTI-Samsung Upres, the industry’s leading resizing algorithm.

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Play all popular camera files with access to modify all playback properties


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