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本合辑是关于20组高清瓷砖瓦片纹理贴图合集,大小:290 MB,分辨率:7860 x 4320,格式:JPG。

Fantastic backdrops for your digital art work. 20 high-quality seamless tiling aged stone tiles background texture jpeg files. 20 long generated images with many small cracks and detailed dirt overlay. Perfect for use as background texture for christmas posters, flyers, postcards, advertising, software applications, website background or wallpaper.

What You Get: 20 Highest Quality Seamless Aged Stone Tiles Background Jpeg Files. Fresh Modern Textures Pack with High Resolution Files ( 7860 x 4320 Pixels ).


资源名称: 20组高清瓷砖瓦片纹理贴图合集

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