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本软件是由chiefarchitect机构出品的Chief Architect Premier首席建筑师软件X10版,大小:210 MB,支持Win64位系统,语言:英语。

首席建筑师软件是为建筑商,设计师,建筑师及家居DIY爱好者的3D建筑家居设计软件的领先开发商和发行商。 对于专业人士来说,我们发布软件产品线的首席设计师的住宅设计,最流行的产品。 而且,为消费者DIY家居设计市场,我们出版的最畅销的首页设计师和最好的周边?产品线。 这些兼容的产品线,专业人士和消费者可以交流想法提供方便。首席建筑师是最精彩的建筑家居设计软件的功能强大的构建工具 - 自动屋顶,地基,框架 - 创建施工文档。 三维可视化和2D CAD工具进行交叉剖面图和立面图,让建筑设计简单和有趣。

Chief Architect Premier - almost ideal program for interior design, successfully combining a user-friendly interface, ease of development and a rich library of cliparts. Download it on, you get rid of the need to long and tediously display each line and be a master for accurate mouse guidance - thanks to the option of joining the walls, the foundation and the frame of the house loom in just a couple of seconds.

The next stage is the installation of internal partitions, stairs (if there are several floors in the house) and roofs. Here, it will be superfluous to accurately measure the distance and leave notes on the sketch. A lot of time developers also devoted to such important architectural details as windows and doors, - perhaps, by the number of samples with them, only Punch can be compared! Home Design and ArCon.

A similarly rich choice awaits us in the selection of furniture - the program offers options for every taste. Well, especially fastidious users can refer to additional collections of design creations, which are available on the program's website. Vases, glasses, cutlery, dishes, CDs, sets, fruits - all this is honestly displayed in the master plan and the mode of 3D-viewing. The graphic part deserves a solid "five" - ​​quality textures, a minimum of angles in 3D mode allow it to easily compete with monsters of design.

When creating design elements, the program automatically creates a 3D model and generates a list of materials. In addition, it includes design tools for photorealistic visualization, artistic rendering and virtual tours, in order to help you visualize projects for demonstration to customers. Working with this tool, it does not take long and tedious to display each line and be a master for accurate mouse guidance - thanks to the option of connecting the walls, the foundation and the frame of the house loom literally in a couple of seconds.

At the disposal of users of Chief Architect:

• Updated tools 3D Roof Designer and 3D Wall Designer for creating three-dimensional models of roofs and walls of buildings.

• More than 340 high-quality CAD drawings of various architectural elements

• New tools Kitchen, Bath, Cabinet, Dormer, etc.

• New Color Palette color palettes

• Additional means of designing life support systems

• Faster ray ray imaging (Raytrace Rendering)

• Improved user interface and much more.


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