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本软件是关于Corel Painter数字美术绘画软件V6版,大小:800 MB,支持Win与Mac系统,语言:英语。

Corel Painter是目前世界上最为完善的电脑美术绘画软件, 它以其特有的"Natural Media"仿天然绘画技术为代表, 在电脑上首次将传统的绘画方法和电脑设计完整的结合起来, 形成了其独特的绘画和造型效果。

除了作为世界上首屈一指的自然绘画软件外, Corel Painter在影像编辑、特技制作和二维动画方面, 也有突出的表现, 对于专业设计师, 出版社美编, 摄影师, 动画及多媒体制作人员和一般电脑美术爱好者, Painter都是一个非常理想的图像编辑和绘画工具。

由 Corel 公司所出品的专业绘图软件 - Painter,在绘图的领域里有着相当大的知名度,它能够带给使用者全新的数字化绘图体验,更接近手工素描、绘画的表现,与 Adobe Photoshop 兼容,是您不可或缺的绘图工具,也是您增进数字绘图技术的选择,拥有它,等于拥有了崭新的创造力!


Corel® Painter® Essentials™ 6 is custom designed to inspire you to freely create blank canvas and photo art creations using award-winning Natural-Media® brushes. As an intuitive paint program, Essentials offers a welcoming environment that will encourage you to have fun while using powerful and realistic art tools to reach your goals. Turn a photo into an amazing oil, pastel or impressionist work of art, or use pencils, pens or particles to paint, draw and sketch on a blank canvas. The best part? Connect with a solid social community of fellow painters who are passionate about painting and providing feedback. There’s an artist in all of us.

Immerse yourself in Natural-Media®

that mimics reality

Craft your masterpiece with stunning reality using authentic dry media like chalks, pencils and pastels, or realistic wet media including oils, airbrushes, pens, digital watercolors and more. There is no experience required so that you can plunge right into an art studio that’s easy to learn and produces impressive results.

Easily transform favorite photos into paintings

Produce incredible art with the powerful, user-friendly SmartStroke™ brush technology. Choose from two simple methods: let Painter® Essentials™ quickly Auto-Paint any photo, or you can paint from the photo to get a hand-hewn



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