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Everything you thought you knew about retouching is about to change. Throw out your old way of thinking about products, surfaces and subjects and prepare yourself for something new. Get ready to take on any texture: skin, reflective surfaces, fabric and more.

Dive into a whole new process of retouching with Earth Oliver: Frequency Separation 2.0. Allow Earth to change your perspective of retouching and learn how to manipulate light while maintaining clarity. Use his systematic and unbreakable workflow to address ANY texture in Adobe Photoshop. Are you ready for this retouching revolution?

Spend four hours with Earth in this post-production tutorial while he demonstrates cleaning up texture both smooth and rigid. Start with a firm understanding of why frequency separation has NOT worked in the past and then let yourself be guided into a whole new workflow of separating high and low frequencies to cleanup up hair, smooth complex fabrics, manipulate light, and smooth reflective surfaces.


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