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本教程是由cmiVFX机构出品的Houdini流程化道路制作教程3,时长:3小时51分,教程使用软件:Houdini,作者:Kim Goossens Goossens,大小:820.72 MB,格式:MP4视频,语言:英语。


1 将属性映射到地形上。

2 扩展地形交错工具。

3 调整隧道创建工具。

4 创建流程化的隧道轮廓。

5 应用流程化的UV TILE。

6 连接分离开的部分。

Houdini 是一个特效方面非常强大的软件。许多电影特效都是由它完成:指环王中“甘道夫”放的那些“魔法礼花”,还有“水马”冲垮“戒灵”的场面,后天中的龙卷风等等,a52的汽车广告,反正只要是涉及DD公司制作的好莱坞一线大片,几乎都会有Houdini参与和应用。


cmiVFX Houdini Procedural Road Creation 3

Like a good architect you are going to create the most economically viable road construction over the landscape. Learn about the basic approach for leveling out the landscape. Start out by creating a basic shape provided with all attributes to later be able to adjust the landscape. Learn how to use the ramp parameter to create attributes on a line object and how to control it procedurally. In combination with the spline sections create shapes containing the data needed to adjust the landscape.

Projecting Attributes onto Landscape

Having built an easy controllable shape providing the data; learn techniques on how to project those attributes onto the landscape. Discover how to store height position data, falloff and how the Raysop can be used for a variety of application methods. Techniques will be demonstrated on how to change, re-mesh and modify the UV's of the landscape with tools such as subdivide controlled by the attributes.

Extending the Landscape Intersection Tool

There are differences in how to approach carving out the landscape and adding extra soil to level out the landscape. Here go into deeper detail on how to make differences based on the current situation.

Adjusting Tools for Carving & Creating Tunnels

Discover techniques for determining the inside and outside of a landscape. The current approach has too many limitations giving proper control on determining the length of the segment. In this tutorial section learn how to extend the curve segments in an accurate way.

Creating a Procedural Tunnel Profile

Identify how making a simplified procedural profile for carving out the tunnels together with improving the stability of the joint sop. This will allow the ability to create all sorts and varieties on the basic tunnel shape. Together with the tunnel profile and a tunnel entrance box the basic tunnel will have been created.

Applying Procedural UV Tiles

One of the most important things to avoid in texturing is repetition. In this section, learn about various techniques to match textures and UV sets so that the texture can provide a limitless amount of variation.

Connecting the Separate Segments

All texturing has been complete and now it's time to bring things together. Here learn how to bring the different sections together with nested for loops to ensure that all segments are being utilized.

Adding Elements in the Tunnel

When sweeping shapes it is often necessary to create shapes at the ends that are not just simple profiles. Receive a small overview on how to create end shapes to a swept profile with the proper orientation.

About The Author

Kim Goossens is a Belgian CG-artist who is working as a freelancer and CG-instructor with a long history in CG-graphics starting back at 1989 He became quite known for his creation of the GIRL later adopted by DAZ3D. He is currently teaching Houdini procedural modeling for games at the IGAD program at the NHTV University of Applied Sciences. While working on various game projects and commercials both as Art-director and technical artist, he gained a profound knowledge of tools such as Maya, Max, Zbrush, Modo, shake and Houdini. His biggest passion has always been to research strategies to increase production and quality, which has led him to research procedural modeling. For more information about Kim Goosens please contact cmiVFX.


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