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The Art of Drawing Animals Discover all the techniques you need to know to draw amazingly lifelike animals

Learn to draw a collection of cute critters and pampered pets!

Featuring an array of adorable pets and majestic wildlife, this exceptional 144-page book offers simple, step-by-step instructions for creating dozens of incredibly lifelike animal drawings. Inside, five talented artists reveal their professional secrets for drawing all the features that are unique to our furry and feathered friends—from wet noses and expressive eyes to thick fur and delicate whiskers. The book opens with essential information about drawing tools and materials, followed by instruction on how to approach a drawing––such as building up forms with basic shapes, transferring a reference, and using a projected photo image. Then the authors demonstrate their unique approaches to drawing through an array of inspiring projects, guiding readers from initial sketches through the detailed shading process to the finishing touches. As readers progress from project to project, they will find a range of helpful topics, such as portraying accurate proportions, creating dynamic compositions, and using colored pencils.


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