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The Art of Halo Creating A Virtual World

When Halo® hit the shelves with the launch of the Xbox® in 2001, it was an immediate sensation. This action-packed science fiction—military combat game, set on a distant, war-torn, artificial planet, became an instant triumph with gamers–and scored numerous awards for its innovations, irresistibility, and sheer thrills. The Art of Halo is a showcase of its stunning visual style, a fascinating guided tour through the making of the phenomenon–from bright idea to brilliant result–and a testament to the creativity of the artists at Bungie Studios.

• Meet the brains behind Bungie, the birthplace of Halo

• Feast your eyes on a panorama of all-new artwork from its spectacular sequel Halo 2–one of the most eagerly-awaited games of 2004

• Discover the art of game design from the inside out, in interviews with–and illustrations by–the Halo creative team

• Learn the secrets of designing gear from the artists themselves

• Follow the construction of a crucial sequence from storyboard to completion, along with pages from the actual script

• Thrill to a gallery of glorious Halo artwork, including action figure designs, game packaging, cartoon strips, posters, T-shirts, and more


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