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本书籍是关于数码插图艺术技巧书籍,Creative Photoshop CS4 Digital Illustration and Art Techniques,大小:56 MB,格式:PDF高清,共435页,语言:英语。。

Creative Photoshop CS4 Digital Illustration and Art Techniques

If you are a digital artist, illustrator, cartoonist, graphic artist, designer, or serious hobbyist looking for new and interesting ways to use Photoshop, this is the book for you! You already know how to use Photoshop as an image editing tool; now, challenge yourself and discover the more artistic aspects of the program with one of the world’s best teachers by your side.

In addition to four brand new chapters on real world projects, this new edition of award-winning digital artist Derek Lea’s bestselling Creative Photoshop contains several brand new features such as “What you’ll learn in this chapter” summaries, so you can quickly find projects using the specific tools you’d like to focus on, and supplementary information at the end of each chapter, containing useful resources and additional gallery images to provide further study and inspiration. As you work through Derek’s fantastic artistic methods, be sure to visit for more information, including the project files for each chapter, available for download for you to work with, a reader forum, and more.


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