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本视频教程是由vray-training机构出品的3DsMax与Vray室内设计综合训练教程,Stanislav Orekhov’s Interior Design with 3Ds Max and Vray,大小:12.9 GB,AVI高清视频格式 工程源文件,作者:Stanislav Orekhov,语言:俄语。。

3D Studio Max,常简称为3ds Max或MAX,是Autodesk公司开发的基于PC系统的三维动画渲染和制作软件。其前身是基于DOS操作系统的3D Studio系列软件,最新版本是2012。在Windows NT出现以前,工业级的CG制作被SGI图形工作站所垄断。3D Studio Max + Windows NT组合的出现一下子降低了CG制作的门槛,首选开始运用在电脑游戏中的动画制作,后更进一步开始参与影视片的特效制作,例如X战警II,最后的武士等。

VRay是由chaosgroup和asgvis公司出品的一款高质量渲染软件。VRay是目前业界最受欢迎的渲染引擎。基于V-Ray 内核开发的有VRay for 3ds max、Maya、Sketchup、Rhino等诸多版本,为不同领域的优秀3D建模软件提供了高质量的图片和动画渲染。除此之外,VRay也可以提供单独的渲染程序,方便使用者渲染各种图片。

Stanislav Orekhov’s Interior Design with 3Ds Max and Vray

Contents of the course:

First System settings and rules of scene management, a enable effective work.

• The current program version

• Recommendations for Computerkonfigurierung

• Units

• Important settings of 3D MAX

• DWG Import

• Using Proxy for complex objects

• Vray scene converter in action

• Arrangement of modeled objects in the scene

• Archiving rules for the Scene

Second Effective Modeling

• Scaling

• Groups, principles of object grouping

• Effective and easy work with layers

• Modeling rules to work for effective

Should know and follow

• Modeling Tips: How to get easier, faster and better working

• Bans in modeling. The worst mistake

• The most important modifiers and their use

• Example of rapid modeling of a classic interiors

• An essential element of interior design

• Top 20 sizes, and you know the note should

• Rules for the correct modeling of furniture

• Grouping objects

• Arrangement of the objects in the scene

• Design and Elements

• Description of the model library

• Description of the texture library

• Methods for faster work

Third Visualization

• The work of a Visualisators

• Quality standards for the visualization of the interior design

• Arrangement of decorative objects in space

• Installation of the Environment

• UVW Mapping

• Materials – everything what you should know

• Textures – all what you should know

• Step-by-step configuration of Batch Render

• Rules for processing the files with the resulting figure

4th Camera Settings

• Detailed settings of Vray Physical Camera and the important parameters

• General Information

• Optimum height of the camera

• Selection of the viewing angle

• The effective use of color balance

• Principles of ISO settings in the interior

• Camera settings and composition

5th Exposure

• Used in Vray light sources and their use in interior design

• Arrangement of light sources

• Detaillieret all settings Vray light sources

• Vray settings, which are responsible for the speed and quality of the rendering

• Optimal settings for rendering S etup

• Two basic ways to configure Render in Vray

• Working acceleration

• Principles of lighting

• One-day exposure

• Step-by-step instructions for configuring the daylighting

• Mixed exposure

• Step-by-step instructions for configuring the mixed exposure

• Evening and night exposure

• Step-by-step instructions for configuring the evening and night exposure

• Illumination of complex spaces

• Final work with materials

• Highly effective scene settings

• Preliminary visualization

• Final visualization

6th All problems with rendering and their solutions

• Problem-finding and rectification

• Procedure for the discovery of a problem object

• Working with a curved scene

7th Photoshop and postprocessing

• Application

• The most important keys in action

• Brush the color effect

• Step-by-step example of how to use Photoshop

• Hotkeys

8th The composition

• The most important rules and laws of composition

• The purpose of visualization in interior design

• Means to achieve artistic integrity in the figure

• The perspective and the volume of the figure

• Division by regions

• Visual resistance of Figure

• Rhythm

• Exposure

• Brightness

• Contrast

• Sunlight

• Mixed exposure

• Day and night lighting

• Cameras

• The setting of the optimum viewing angle

• Balance the figure

• Even angle

• Frame

• Cut-off objects

• Aspect ratio, lens selection

• Averages

• Special effects and their application areas

• Filling the interior

• Most important objects

• Plants

• Living things inside

• Large and small objects

• Space Dependent Fill Object


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