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本视频教程是由GryGarness机构出品的PS人像美容修饰技术视频教程,Gry Garness Beauty Retouching Techniques in Photoshop 2010,大小:1.55 GB + 2.40 GB,MP4高清视频格式,附工程源文件,教程使用软件:Photoshop,语言:英语。。



Gry Garness Beauty Retouching Techniques in Photoshop 2010

A visual-practical DVD guide to professional beauty and portrait retouching using flexible solutions for a variety of photo retouching jobs, from flawless magazine covers to reality portrait retouching.

This is an educational tool aimed at intermediate to advanced Photoshop users. It's effectively a 13 hour one-to-one with Gry Garness, an experienced trainer and London-based retoucher, demonstrating graphics tablet based professional retouching through a great variety of images, with models and non-models. It's adaptable to all types of retouching - not just favouring one particular style. All methods are based on Gry's vast practical knowledge within photography, hair & make-up as well as retouching. The tips she offers are both visual and technical, giving you an insight into a retoucher's thinking during the work process. All the techniques are editable and are perfect for commissioned retouching where the brief often changes by the hour.

The 54 tutorials are presented on a 2-disk set DVD-rom. Tutorials are Photoshop CS5 updated, but relevant for all CS versions. They are straightforward and conversational in tone, but with advanced content and crystal clear instructions. A set of Tool Preset and a limited set of training images is supplied.


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