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2012, ZBrush 4, Photoshop CS5, TopoGun 1.06, Mudbox 2012,作者:Justin








Unity Mobile Game Development: Character and Weapon Modeling

In this series

of tutorials, we will talk about the steps that we went through in order to

build the character and weapon models for our Unity mobile game project. We will

start by referencing our game document, which will be our guide through the

process of creating our Unity game. We can find information on the look of our

models but also on the desired resolutions of the models and textures. We will

concentrate on creating game topology for our two characters and two weapon

models. We will also cover map generation and texture painting as part of the

process. In the end we will have models ready to be rigged and animated or

plugged directly into the game engine. We will use a variety of software

packages from Maya, to TopoGun, to ZBrush and Mudbox in order to prepare our

assets so there will be a lot of back and forth. This course references some

pre-made assets and covers methods for modifying and prepping those assets for

this particular game. In most of these cases, if you'd like to learn to build

these assets from start to finish, there is a tutorial that will fill your need.

For instance, in this course we look at the steps we went through to modify the

biker character from Creating High Resolution Characters in ZBrush 4 and

Creating Game Characters with Maya 2011 and ZBrush 4. So if you'd like to build

the character from scratch, those two courses will take you through the process.

The same goes for the enemy tick creature, which is from the Introduction the

Mudbox 2011, and the assault rifle from Creating Next-Gen Game Assets in



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