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Unity Mobile Game Development: User Interface Design

In this tutorial we

will learn about designing the user interface graphics for a game as well as how

to prepare these graphics to bring into Unity. We’ll get started by discussing

the needs of our game in terms of user interface graphics and then learn how to

set up a document in Photoshop to design them in. Next we’ll learn some

strategies for building graphics and examine some possible pitfalls. Moving on,

we’ll learn about different states of a specific graphic and how we can setup

our file to make saving this type of graphic out a bit easier. After all the

graphics for our game have been created, we’ll shift our focus to preparing them

for Unity. We’ll learn about important things to consider when cropping and

saving our files. Then we’ll wrap this course up by learning how unity handles

transparency and some workflows we will need to utilize to accommodate this.

After going through this course, you will gain insight into the process of

creating and saving user interface graphics for our mobile game.


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