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ZBrush Character Creation is a 91-page comprehensive look at the techniques and tools used to sculpt a variety of physical characteristics specific to several character types. The lessons on offer by professional artist Rafael Ghencev, Rafael Grassetti and Joseph Harford, show how to transform a general base mesh into a definitive character class and not only explain the tools used to not only create the details and unique facial features, but also cover how to manipulate the overall proportions and head shapes.

The series utilises the skills of three different authors whose combined talents cover a multitude of methods that encompass sculpting approaches key to character modelling in ZBrush. Texturing techniques are also covered, alongside the brushes and tools used throughout the process and some general principals to consider before starting a design. Through exploring numerous states of the human condition we are given a comprehensive insight into the methodology behind creating believable characters in ZBrush and the associated tips and tricks used by the professionals.

This eBook also contains a free base mesh used and over three hours of downloadable movie files.


There are nine chapters in all, five of which cover the human condition and four of which cover creatures with human characteristics including zombie, werewolf and Frankenstein’s monster. The chapters are as follows:

1. Old/Gaunt

2. Obese

3. Steroid pumped guy

4. Extreme piercings and tattoos

5. Beaten up

6. Zombie

7. Vampire

8. Werewolf

9. Frankenstein


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